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Our tables are the best quality and most reasonably
priced the marketplace. We appreciate your business
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The ideal solution for a crawfish boil: Our table is really a lightweight tabletop. Just take a trash can, put our table top on it and you're ready to enjoy your crawfish, potatoes, corn, or whatever else you're serving. As you eat, push shells or cobs and so on in the hole in the center. When you're finished, all the trash is in the can. Hose off the tabletop and you're ready for your next crawfish boil.

The table can be used for any kind of seafood or barbeque. It's great for a hunting or fishing trip or just a picnic... and fantastic for football tailgating. We're offering the table in camouflage, Mardi Gras colors, and school colors. Please contact us if you have a special request for your table.


Manufactured deep in the heart of Cajun Country, right here in Lafayette, Louisiana our table is made of high quality fiberglass that will last for generations to come. The tabletop is covered with white gelcoat and braced underneath for strength. It's approximately 47 inches wide (will fit comfortably in most pickup beds) and 1/2 inches deep at the rim. The trash hole in the center is about 8 inches wide. It only weighs 10 lbs. Perfect


Authorized dealers. If you want to become a dealer, please contact us, we would like to work with you. Thanks--

Egan Food Store (337)783-6900, 3232 Egan Hwy., Egan, LA. 70531

DOYLCO (985)851-4412, 6818 W Park Ave, Houma, LA. 703658

Please Note: Retailer prices may vary.


Price for tables begins at $110 for basic white table. Please contact us if you have on any questions concerning our tables. Thank you for your interest